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Welcome to the Saint John the Evangelist brotherhood official website. 

This brotherhood belongs, in turn, to the Brotherhood of Our Beloved Father Jesus of Nazareth, popularly known as MARRAJA Brotherhood.

By this mean we want people to get to know our brotherhood, sharing some drafts of our history, patrimony and our everyday reality, essential to the ones that want to be close to the Cartagena’s Holy week essence.

We also want that this webpage could be a means of communication between the members of the brotherhood.

However, any means of communication, no matter how advanced it is, could ever replace personal experiences, direct contact with everything related to Saint John, enjoy watching our brotherhood’s processions or the unmistakable halo that leaves with every step each Holy week.



💰>14 años: 12€
💰<14 años 7€
▶️<6 años entrada gratuita
▶️ En el precio va incluida la entrada al Club

🚨Límite: 15-06-2022 https://instagram.com/stories/sanjuanmarrajo/2851737598061505665?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=

CENA DE CUÑAS Y RAMPAS https://www.facebook.com/146747435423542/posts/pfbid0YW3FSs9Wv9BnHKDjxQg5mV8NmxVLT4etvikuxKuhPPfrznoQdt7nzwhnaG6iiCRTl/

Os presentamos nuestro tradicional boletín Capuz que cumple su vigésimo quinta edición. Podéis leerlo online o en versión descargable. Esperamos que sea de vuestro agrado.

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