Holy Love of Saint John

Holy Love of Saint John

The sculptural group of “Holy Love of Saint John in the Loneliness of The Holy Virgin” was made by José Capuz in 1952, being the last work that the great Valencian artist made for the Holy Week of Cartagena. This group was born with the idea of ​​the president of the Our Beloved Father Jesus of Nazareth brotherhood at that time, that the same image would not come out in different processions. In this way, Saint John would go out in the early morning procession, indicating the way to the Dolorosa Virgin, and the Holy Love on the night of Good Friday. For eight years the group took part in the procession on the night of Good Friday, and since 1960 on Holy Saturday. In 1984 Juan Lorente reformed the throne, which is the one used until 2009, the year in which a new throne made expressly for these images by the sculptor Arturo Serra was released.

The “Holy Love of Saint John” represents Mary and Mary Magdalene disconsolate after the loss of Jesus, totally dejected, and Saint John maintaining his integrity, because he believes in the words of his friend: “on the third day I will rise from the dead” . This group was conceived, therefore, to go immediately after the Holy Sepulcher in the procession of the Holy Burial, the Night of Good Friday and together with other renowned works by this same sculptor such as the Jesus of Nazareth, La Pieta, the Descent, Holy Grave, Saint John and the Holy Virgin of the Loneliness. The return of the Holy Love of Saint John to the Holy Burial Procession, on Good Friday Night, where it belongs, has long been the wish of every member of the Saint John brotherhood.

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