The exact date on which the brotherhood of Saint John was created within the Brotherhood of Our beloved Father Jesus of Nazareth is unknown, although it seems proven that it was one of the first that it had, both in its first foundation in the 16th century, and in the 17th century. In the 17th century it began to be known by the popular name of MARRAJOS, because its first parade was paid with the sale of a shark of this species, caught in the Azohía. The marrajos brothers from Saint John began to gather in 1926, paying for the departure of Saint John in the processions. At present it has around a thousand brothers.

The aims of the Brotherhood are to worship Saint John, which is solemnized with the Eucharistic celebration on the feast of Saint John the Evangelist on December 27 and with the commemoration of his martyrdom before Portam Latinam on May 6, promoting the brotherhood between its members, participate in the processions with the images of Saint John the Evangelist and the group of the Holy Love of Saint John, participate in the liturgical and social acts of the Marraja Brotherhood, as well as the organization of those that are their own, and carry out works of charity and helps those in need.

Therefore, it participates in the marrajas processions on Good Friday and Holy Saturday, processioning in the first, the image that José Capuz made in 1942, and in the second, the group – also from Capuz – of the Holy Love of Saint John in solitude of the Virgin.

The peculiarities of the Saint John brotherhood are its white and red costumes, the butane gas lights and the simultaneous departure of the penintents and the throne, at the moment in which the music band begins to interpret the march.

Early Morning of the Good Friday, known as the encounter
Night of the Good Friday, processions of the Holy Burial
Holy Saturday in the procession of the Holy Cross