• In 2001 the idea of developing a website for the brotherhood arose. Its aim is getting people to know the peculiarities of the Cartagena’s Holy Week. An additional objective is to show the influence that our brotherhood had and still have in its aesthetics and technical configuration. In May 2001 the first version of the website was released.

    Our Holy Week was awarded with the international touristic interest title and its based on four pillars that make it unique. Each one is explained in its dedicated section:

    The order, the light, the flowers and the music. 

    It is the brotherhood of Saint John the Evengelist, that , in turn, belongs to the Brotherhoof of Our Beloved Father Jesus of Nazareth, the one that mixes all these peculiriatieis with simplicity and ellegance. It is for these reasons that I show my pride when I say I belong to the Brotherhood of Saint John the Evangelist.

    José Sánchez Artés.

    Member of the brotherhood since 1969 and penitent since 1985.

  • In 2016 the content of the website is proposed to be transferred to a content manager such as WordPress. This will make easier to update the website, especially regarding news. I wanted to keep all the content that the previous version of the website had, since it included all the necessary data to know our brotherhood.

    Finally, I wanted to thank José Sánchez Artés for managing this website for the last 15 years. Thanks to him, our brotherhood was also groundbreaking in this matter.

    Juan Antonio Rosell Franco



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The above mentioned articles are written in spanish. If you need further information, please write an email to the address of the contact section.

Photos :

  • Mr. Pedro Sánchez Gallego, “SAGA”.
  • Mr. Moisés Ruíz.
  • Mr. Juan José Ruíz.
  • Mr. Antonio G. Ballester.
  • Mr. Manuel Maturana.
  • Mr. Andrés Hernández.
  • Mr. José Francisco López.
  • Ms. Carolina Nadal.
  • Mr. Jesús Muñoz.
  • Mr. José Luis Sáez.
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